Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Meet Baby 2 - N

August 26, 2006

Hi I’m N. I’m almost three months old too. Though I arrived a minute after bhai, I beat him when it came to getting to mama as he had to stay in the ICU for sometime. He was terribly ill so I had full responsibility of keeping everyone cheerful. I think I did a pretty good job too. Even though I say it myself, I’m quite a sunshine baby.

What I look like
Like bhai said, we are quite dissimilar. He might be proud of his broad shoulders but, personally, I prefer my petite frame. Girls should be delicate, says nani.
I don’t know why bhai goes on and on about his thick hair. Doesn’t he know the bald look is cool these days? And with a bone structure as fine as mine who needs hair? I’ve nice long fingers and nails too and nani says I’ll be an artist.

High maintenance girl
Why shouldn’t I be? What’s a girl without a few nakhras? I don’t down bottles of milk like bhaiyya but my ounce or two should be ready on time or I make sure everyone knows I’m hungry. Believe me, I’m blessed with a very powerful pair of lungs! And no one dares to push down more than what I want too, either. I’m famous for shooting out mouthfuls! You should see the look on people’s faces when I do that. Hee! Hee!

Keep distance!
That’s right, I don’t like to be held all the while. I mean.. how much can one cuddle? There are times when I’m happiest left on my own. Frankly, I like my space. But mama says when I‘m asleep I love to snuggle up close.

My smile
I have a cute smile too and mama forgets all my feeding nakhras when I give her a toothless gummy grin. She calls me popali aunty.

People’s person
Yes, I’m one gregarious girl. I love being around people and they love it too. I seem to invite conversation. Right from bua nani to bade nana, dadi and V bhaiyya – everyone just loves to chat with me. In fact once I winked at bade nana and since then we’re great friend.

Girl of many names
Everyone has a different name for me. Nani has transferred all masi’s endearments to me. I love it when she calls me chhota and manu but I’m not sure masi’s too pleased sharing her names. Others like to dwell on my so-called fussy nature and have given me all kinds of impolite epithets like halla kumari. Well so I’m a tad finicky… just get over it guys!!!

Curiousity’s good for the cat
At least that’s what I think. Nani calls me a ‘restless creature’. I just love to look around. Everything is so new and so very fascinating. I can do a left-right-left with my head for ages. Nana says I’m watching an imaginary tennis match!
I kick around all the while. I can’t wait to start walking. Gosh, am I sick of lying down all the while! I’ve already started rotating on the bed but that’s just not enough.

Nani’s gal

She might deny it but I know I’m nani’s favourite and I can’t understand why anyone should grudge that. Bhai is nana’s favourite, isn’t he?


  1. Yes, i can remember naisha thrwoing tempers when we came to meet you in Lucknow... she was five months old.. and Hrit baba was sleeping as usual and Naisha was taking with the maid and roaming in the garden... and moment she brought her in she started crying... and than aunty had to take over to placade her... again a brilliant piece that only a mother can write.. hats off to you...

  2. Wow!
    A charming introduction from baby's point of view! I love it!

  3. @D maam.. Can't believe you read this old old post.

  4. Such a beautiful post. I can picture N reading it, years from now and smiling and hugging you :)


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