Meet Baby 2 - N

August 26, 2006

Hi I’m N. I’m almost three months old too. Though I arrived a minute after bhai, I beat him when it came to getting to mama as he had to stay in the ICU for sometime. He was terribly ill so I had full responsibility of keeping everyone cheerful. I think I did a pretty good job too. Even though I say it myself, I’m quite a sunshine baby.

What I look like
Like bhai said, we are quite dissimilar. He might be proud of his broad shoulders but, personally, I prefer my petite frame. Girls should be delicate, says nani.
I don’t know why bhai goes on and on about his thick hair. Doesn’t he know the bald look is cool these days? And with a bone structure as fine as mine who needs hair? I’ve nice long fingers and nails too and nani says I’ll be an artist.

High maintenance girl
Why shouldn’t I be? What’s a girl without a few nakhras? I don’t down bottles of milk like bhaiyya but my ounce or two should be ready on time or I make sure everyone knows I’m hungry. Believe me, I’m blessed with a very powerful pair of lungs! And no one dares to push down more than what I want too, either. I’m famous for shooting out mouthfuls! You should see the look on people’s faces when I do that. Hee! Hee!

Keep distance!
That’s right, I don’t like to be held all the while. I mean.. how much can one cuddle? There are times when I’m happiest left on my own. Frankly, I like my space. But mama says when I‘m asleep I love to snuggle up close.

My smile
I have a cute smile too and mama forgets all my feeding nakhras when I give her a toothless gummy grin. She calls me popali aunty.

People’s person
Yes, I’m one gregarious girl. I love being around people and they love it too. I seem to invite conversation. Right from bua nani to bade nana, dadi and V bhaiyya – everyone just loves to chat with me. In fact once I winked at bade nana and since then we’re great friend.

Girl of many names
Everyone has a different name for me. Nani has transferred all masi’s endearments to me. I love it when she calls me chhota and manu but I’m not sure masi’s too pleased sharing her names. Others like to dwell on my so-called fussy nature and have given me all kinds of impolite epithets like halla kumari. Well so I’m a tad finicky… just get over it guys!!!

Curiousity’s good for the cat
At least that’s what I think. Nani calls me a ‘restless creature’. I just love to look around. Everything is so new and so very fascinating. I can do a left-right-left with my head for ages. Nana says I’m watching an imaginary tennis match!
I kick around all the while. I can’t wait to start walking. Gosh, am I sick of lying down all the while! I’ve already started rotating on the bed but that’s just not enough.

Nani’s gal

She might deny it but I know I’m nani’s favourite and I can’t understand why anyone should grudge that. Bhai is nana’s favourite, isn’t he?

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