Six soon - H

Okay so we’ll soon be six. And I’m really excited. Guess why?? Well obviously because we’ll be starting solids…. Bananas sound yummy… I’m not sure about the salty stuff though.
Like N said we’ve had a busy two months….

Sick bed
I seem to have an affinity for falling ill any day more than N. Frankly, illnesses don’t scare me at all after my stint in the ICU but you should see mama….

To begin with I got some insect bites and a doctor said it was chicken pox… What a scare that was! Seriously, what with one of them labeling me overweight and another one coming up with chicken pox, one can’t trust doctors these days. Thankfully we went to another one and he trashed that diagnosis. Then I went down with fever and when the doc prescribed antibiotics mama was so scared she called up the doctor back home. Nani and masi say she’s hyper… wonder what that means but she sure knows how to get into a tizzy over nothing.

N’s not been too well too though she doesn’t talk about it much but she’s had a bad case of colic, which put her off milk for ages… Imagine that! Disliking milk … when that’s all we were going to get! But she’s much better now, thank God!

We got our last DPT shots too and that meant more fever and more worrying! I sure am glad that was our last one though mama tells me this pricking and jabbing will go on for years. What a pain!!!

Playing Favourites
Like N I’ve found my own fan club. To begin with tai has eyes only for me. She drops in quite often and goes into fits of delighted laughter when I as much as lift a corner of my mouth in a smile. And masi says I’m her favourite dance partner. We waltz around together.. she’ll have to wait a while for a proper dance but for the time being this is fun.

Befriending Dada ji and Dadi
When Dada ji and Dadi came over for the first time both N and I were in such a bad humour that we cried and cried and scared them away. Mama gave us a big dressing-down. She said we’d been really naughty and rude and that we’d embarrassed her thoroughly. Well she should understand that children have good days and bad ones. That’s all. Anyway the next time they came we tried to be good. Even though we were not having a particularly good day I fished out a smile and that seemed to make Dadi very happy. Now we’re pretty good friends. I love it when she swings me up and down.

Vanity comes before a hair fall
Sadly enough I lost a lot of my lovely thick hair and so joined N’s bald club. She’s fast catching up as her head’s starting to look a trifle black too. Mama is already talking about coming back home for our mundan in February. Personally I’d love that except I see two hitches – one we might not have enough hair for a mundan and secondly we just might not get to Bombay till Feb so where’s the question of coming back?

Where’s papa?
I sometimes wonder what papa looks like. We were such babies when we were with him. I can barely remember him. I spoke to him on the phone once or twice but that didn’t help much. Dadi says my feet look exactly like his while mama and Tai ji say that I’ve inherited my eat-sleep-be happy attitude from him. Well we’ll soon be in Mumbai with him.

Trying to turn
N’s been raving about turning on her stomach and how much fun that is. I’m still trying to get there. But frankly I can’t see what’s so great about it all.. a milk bottle seems the same no matter where you look at it from, right? Besides, I can turn my head around almost 360 degrees so why should I bother to turn around? Too much pain and too little gain is what I say!

Before I sign off I must add this poem that Apoorva Uncle wrote for us on Diwali.. He was ma’s colleague at the HT

Perched in their mama’s arms,snug and shy,
and N lie with a shrug so spry
Their tiny innocent gazelights up many flockful a face
Warming hearts of their ma and pa a pace
At times, they let their cry hail,
Myriad joys of new hope sail
I pray, let this benign spirit prevail,
With my good wishes to ‘Angels of Joy’
Let the best be to H and N the little bundles of joy!

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