Brush with fame - H

 Never in all of my one-year existence had I thought that the hair on one’s head could be so crucial. Mama always says it’s what inside your head that counts. Not so, say I. Just as I was on the brink of my great break through in the world of showbiz my career was blighted simply because I didn’t have enough hair on my head!

It was our neighbour here, who noticed my dapper good looks first. Now she has been an airhostess and has dabbled in modeling too so she would know what she’s talking about. She put mama in touch with a photographer who was looking for kids for a calendar. She was sure the shutterbug would love my chubby cheeks and chinky eyes. And he really did. 

All was set and I thought I had found my calling already. But alas! I couldn’t make the grade because I’d lost my curly dark hair thanks to that silly mundan! I think mama wasn’t keen on this whole thing to begin with. I mean.. hasn’t she heard of something called a wig??? Too bad she didn’t let me give it a shot.

N didn’t stand a chance because she is too thin. Isn’t it strange that kid models need to be chubby but when they grow up they have to get stick thin? Show business really is funny business. Anyway, even Madhuri Dixit was rejected for being too thin initially so who knows N might have big things in store for her. As for me.. well... hair grows back but meanwhile, I’m still in mourning for my lost place in tinsel town.