All in the Genes - H

Last Sunday I got fever.. pretty high.. 102…. which was a sort of record for me. Obviously mama went into a state of total panic specially because it was a Sunday and most docs were not available. Anyway the indomitable woman that she is, she tracked down our regular doctor, packed me up in a warm jacket (because it was raining like crazy), flew into an auto and rushed to him.

We had to wait for quite some time and I felt more uncomfortable by the minute… it was like my body was on fire. As I grew warmer mama paced up and down waiting for our turn. When finally we got to the doc… one look at me and he told mama to strip off my jacket. My Tee went next and then my pajamas… there I was standing in just my vest and diapers. That was embarrassing for a big boy like me but the cool air felt so good that I forgot to be self-conscious. Then the doc stood me right in front of the fan…. this was better and better.

And then followed a long lecture to mama on how kids should NEVER be covered up when they have fever. And you know what? Nani had done the very same thing when mama was a baby. What’s even funnier she’d told the whole story to mama. who’d then thought that nani had been really silly… everyone knows when kids have fever they shouldn’t be all wrapped up, … and there she was making the very same mistake all over again.
It’s all in the genes. Wot say?

PS: Later on, mama said she was glad she'd made me wear a decent vest that day.

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