Friday, July 13, 2007

Oh for some shut eye!

The other day mama was cribbing to a friend of her's that she wasn't getting enough sleep. Here's what he had to say....

The sleep routine will regularise over a short period ... won't take very long, though it does seem like ever especially when you haven't slept right for quite some time. But this unstable sleep will continue ....first they will cry so u get up.. then u'll get up without their crying to ensure that the the sheet is covering them ok or just to see that they have toppled over from the bed ... and then after that, if u dare to sleep even during the noon when they are awake, they will wake u every 2 mins to tell u that they wont disturb u at all and u can sleep as long as u want to ....... initially u feel tired, then irritated , and then after that u feel so helpless that you learn to enjoy whatever they are up to ...and thats no mean thing .....

Cool gyan, isn't it?

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