The good and the bad - H

I've got two things to tell you guys - one good and the other not so good. I'll go with the good one first - I received my very own first letter - addressed to me. The letter came from Poorva didi with my rakhi, only she addressed it to 'Hrig' Singh and the address wasn't too accurate but the important thing is that the letter found me! It made me feel all grown up. I've asked mama to write back to Poorva didi and thank her for me.

Now for the not so good one... you know how aunties are ..... when they meet us for the first time... they think 
1) they must comment on the fact that we are twins and 
2) the comment must have something to do with the fact that we don't look alike.

Well mama is used to the regular ones like 'Wow how lucky' and 'a boy and a girl in one shot, great'. But this aunty was a bit too much. She came up with 'N's so thin, H behen ka sara khana kha jaata hai, he he he!!!' Not funny at all, I thought. Mama wasn't amused either and she consoled me saying that she had to put up with the same comment all her life because masi was so thin. And what's even funnier nani says nanu had to bear with it too as she was stick thin. Weird how people don't tire of coming up with the same thaka hua lines through generations and still expect people to laugh at them.

Nani also promptly told mama 'H ko nazar lag jayegi'. So much for progress...humph!