Ganapati bappa is coming! - N

Yessss!!! Ganapati bappa is here... gosh you should see the celebration to believe it. Mumbai is so decked up it's fun. We've never seen so many lights everywhere... it's like Diwali. Our society has this awesome Ganapti idol. While we were down for our evening playtime today some guys started drumming huge dhols. Bhai couldn't help rocking in time with the beats and I did an impromptu jig (which obviously mama recorded!). We didn't want to go up at all but mama and Sophia didi dragged us away because it was dinner time. There will be lots of contests and dances and plenty of music till visarjan. I think I LOVE the dhol best.

The high point for us is the fancy dress contest which we will be participating in. Mama is soooooo excited. I am dressing up like a fairy princess. I have a white jhanky dress which I'll wear, I'll get to hold a wand with a star, and if mama can make them, then I'll also have wings. As for bhai mama is trying to decide between whether he should go as Laloo Yadav (which is very easy - White kurta pajama, pwder in hair, toy train in hand) or as a Pandit ji. Someone suggested we should go as Motu Patlu but mama said bhai will never forgive her if she makes him 'Motu'. Besides she has a personal problem with bhai being called 'motu'.