First hair cut - 27 December 2007 - N

We had our first ever hair cut guys! High time I'd say considering we're almost a year and half old. It's an awesome experience. We loved the place mama took us to. .. huge mirrors everywhere and bottles upon bottles of intriguing stuff and chairs that could go up and down...we just didn't want to come back. Mama had been really scared that I'd create a racket - like I did during my mundan... but she needn't have worried - this was way too different and really much more fun. I mean how can you compare a silly man with a scary knife (or whatever that was) with hip women who smell soooo good? And there's so much to look at. There was this aunty with a head full of hair all wrapped up in shiny paper. I thought that was a very elegant hairdo.

Anyway, mama had gone armed with sweets to distract us, which turned out to be quite unnecessary. Bhai went first because mama was confident he would be no trouble at all and he came off looking quite dapper. I was a little hassled because they put my hand under this huge plastic thing and I couldn't get the sweet to my mouth. But once mama helped me with it things were cool. I didn't even realise when my cut was through. I got a neat little fringe (which mama insists on combing back from my forehead.... she's so not 'in').

I said my name for the first time yesterday. I can also say 'Bhai' and pretty much everything anyone asks me to repeat. Bhai manages just a 'Na' for me.

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