Mama - Hrit and Naisha

Mothers can be really embarrassing. Now we don’t want to hurt her feelings and all that but we just have to say that she gets a bit over excited about everything we do. We are over a year old now and one would think she would have gotten used to the idea of us growing up and learning and doing new things every day. But no, she just hasn’t got the hang of it yet. She’s perpetually surprised, shocked and thrilled by the things we do. And she’s always running either to the phone or the camera all day. She’s continuously clicking away and yet she’s always ruing the fact that she missed this and she missed that. She still regrets that she has no video of Hrit bhai’s ‘slithering’ days. A new expression, a smile, a frown, a yawn even a blink… she wants to capture it all.
And then, she’s perpetually calling up nani, dadi, bua, masi or who ever else she can think of. Neighbours (poor things) and guests are not spared either. The other day, at the vegetable shop, she launched off on our escapades to a total stranger… all the poor thing had done was stop and exclaim ‘how cute’ to the two of us. Actually one can’t totally blame her…the moment people hear we’re twins they start confirming all their theories… Do they cry together? Do they have similar habits? And on and on…Now when she’s invited to dwell on her favourite topic, who can blame for overdoing it?