My big fight - N

I must tell you about this chaat stall that mama goes to. She likes to go there for pani puri but for Bhai and me it's exciting because there's this very fascinating toy shop next to it and right beside that is an even more interesting shoe store. For mama of course it's slightly stressful because she's constantly trying to keep us away from those two shops between popping in pani puris. Anyway I guess she must like that stuff because she keeps going despite all this.

The other day while we there she told didi to look after us and took up her plate. Now  bhai jazzed of on his toy car and didi ran after him. By the way, you should see Bhai navigating his car. He's just too fast. But that's another story.

Now what do you think I did? Go to the toy shop? Well you're wrong...I headed straight for the shoe store. Not for the shoes though. The shop has this great looking stool where people sit and try on shoes and I just love it. I had had my eyes on it for a long time and that day I finally thought with mama and didi busy I could smuggle it away. It was a little big for me but I managed to pick it up and just as I was dragging it away this shopwala started snatching it from me. Now I'm a Rajput girl ain't I? So how could I give up without a decent fight? When mama heard my battle cry she ran into the store. I must agree what she saw wouldn't have been pleasant. There I was on the floor, clinging onto 'my' stool with one hand while I threatened to slap that hulk of a man with the other as he tried to pull it away from me. I personally thought mama should have lent me a hand but all she did was grab me and walk away apologising.. yes actually apologising to that grouchy, ill tempered man.

I haven't given up though. Mama will want to have some more pani puri another day... won't she? Ha, I'll wait.