Roti khao khush ho jao! - Naisha

Today is quite a landmark day for me because I had my first real grown up lunch... roti dal the proper way, like how mama eats - bite by bite. Since the day mama had seen our molars she'd been after our lives to start eating dal and roti. Now if you have been eating things like rice and daliya or even roti soaked in dal or milk for over a year the whole concpet seems a waste of time. I mean why should one chew and chew when one can swallow? Anyway one thing life had taught me is that grown ups have a rather wierd way of thinking and often prefer to do things the complicated way. So I kind of accepted the fact that I will have to sooner or later start chewing. Today at Aditi aunty's house I was so ravenously hungry that the smell of roti dripping with ghee just got to me. And when Yash and Laddoo sat down to eat I kind of piled on. But Aditi Aunty didn't mind at all. In fact she was celebrating with mama. And then to add to the celebration I had a gulab jamun as well... that had mama swooning with happiness. The only catch was that Hrit Bhai barely ate anything ... but then too much happiness might not be good for mama's heart. What say?