Day 6

The weekend came and we were quite relieved that we had no school for two days. Unfortunately Hrit bhai fell ill and had fever all through Saturday and Sunday. But come Monday and mama was marching us back to the Treehouse! She really never does give up. This week we have to stay there for one whole hour. We got new bags - a Spiderman bag for bhai and a Barbie for me. But It's no good. Nothing can cheer us up... nothing can make us happy in that sad room full of crying children. We carried tiffin boxes today with cream biscuits. I didn't feel like eating anything at all but when all the children started eating I too nibbled at a biscuit. Today we were the first ones to come out of the class. Was great to get back to mama. By the time we reached home we'd stopped crying. We thought mama would be a sport and let us play in the puddles again but she dragged us home. Unlike the other days we didn't go straight to bed today. We played for sometime and even had some lunch which was a first. Can't believe we've to go again tomorrow... sigh!