Days 7, 8

Today mama took us to school early. She thought that if she played with us for a while before we went into the class we'd get used to the place and not miss her. She kept showing us the class and telling us how much fun we could have there. But we were not fooled... we knew she'd leave us and go soon. Naisha started crying as soon as we entered the school and letting mama go was tougher than the other days. She looked quite sad when she handed us over to the teacher. I wonder why she has to leave us and go... I mean none of us likes it so why take the trouble?????
I went off to sleep in the class on 'our' swing and Naisha cried on and off. When school was over the teachers sent out Naisha because I was sleeping and that made matters worse because she thought I was being left back. She she cried harder and tried to get back into the class for me. Isn't that really brave and sweet? But of course mama would never leave without me.

Day 8
After yesterday mama decided it was best to leave us quickly and come back. So we went right in time... she handed us over to the teacher and left! We listened to some rhymes, which I really enjoyed...towards the end I slept off again. Naisha kept crying today too. She again thought I was not coming home with her and kept crying 'bhalu...bhalu' when she came out of the class. I came out rubbing my eyes.. Not crying...That was a first for me and mama was quite thrilled. In fact most children have stopped crying and are learning to like school. I wish Naisha would stop being so sad. Mama tries to talk to her every night before we sleep. She asked Naisha why she cried at school and all Naisha said was 'mama hand chahiye' (that's because mama says 'no godi only hand')! She refuses to say that she won't cry.