Days 9. 10

Day 9
Naisha's still crying and I'm still going to sleep. Mama says that's a man's way of dealing with stress - going off to sleep! Anyway at least I'm not crying like Naisha.

Day 10
Today was BAD. Naisha started crying as soon as mama started dressing her for school. By the time mama got to dressing me up she had taken off her shorts and was stripping off her diaper crying that she didn't want to go to school... quite sad! She cried all the way and all through the class. Meeta ma'am was a little strict with us today and told us to keep quiet, which seemed to work with Naisha because she did quieten down. She even had a choco biscuit from her tiffin. And the weekend's here so no school for two days... yippeeeee!