Thursday, June 19, 2008

Go figure!

When we were small we had our own vocabulary and mama would take ages trying to figure out what we are trying to say. Of course it's a lot better now but we can still stump her sometimes.

Here's a guide:

Water (pani) - Pana: Rit bhai started saying pana and I switched from pani to pana to keep him company!
Apne aap - Aapa: That was also Rit bhai's invention
More (aur) - Akh for me and Achh for Rit bhai
Moon - Muh ( Hrit)
Tele Tubbies: Tubbie Tubbies
Stuck in a tree - - Stuckatee
Helicopter - Hepicopter
Dudhu Pienge - Dudhu Pinge (Naisha)

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