Off to school!

Day 1 June 16, 2008
Mama dressed us up in cool clothes one day and we were terribly excited because we thought it was ghummi time. We climbed into an auto and went to this fun looking place. It had a huge room full of toys, swings, slides and see saws. There was even a toyhouse outside the room with lots of windows to look through. We were having a great time. And then mama told us she was leaving us for some. That scared Naisha more than me because she wasn't feeling very well and she started crying. I was quite okay till a didi started taking me inside the room. You won't believe what it was like inside. It was full of children and they were ALL crying. Now I'm a brave boy but that was a bit too much even for me. I tried to bite the teacher and run out to mama but she just wouldn't let me go. Naisha was so tired that she went off to sleep on a swing and I just sat with her and cried. Finally the doors opened and the teachers took out one baby at a time to their mamas. We were still inside when mama came in and gave us a big hug. She said she'd been waiting out all the while and that we had been inside for just half an hour... it seemed like a lifetime.

Day 2
We had no idea that mama could be so hard hearted. After yesterday's traumatic session we can't believe she's actually taking us back to school. Normally if we cry hard enough she lets us be but this time she just doesn't seem to be worried about us. So back we went crying inside our class... again we took up our favourite swing and cried through the half hour. Naisha was quieter but I cried throughout.

Day 3
I can't believe this... it seems like we'll have to come here everyday... everyday... can you beat that!! And mama just leaves us and goes away. Naisha cries all the time she's with mama and stops crying once she's inside, while I'm okay as long as I'm holding mama's hand but the minute she leaves me and goes I start crying. As soon as she's back I'm okay again. When we were coming back I even gave the teacher a kiss and a smile. Naisha didn't even want to look at the teacher. She just kept saying 'bahar chalo' and wouldn't even let mama talk to teacher. I hope mama gives up this stubborn thought of sending us to school soon.

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