A few firsts

Here are a few firsts from us
First potty in the pot
First time I agreed to wear clips in my hair. Hrit bhai bawled because he wanted clips too so mama put one on the pocket of his trousers which made me want to put mine on my pockets too... what's the point of putting clips when you can't see them at all! Anyway finally we went to school with mine in my hair and Hrit bhai's on his pockets.
And now for the biggest first of all - Hrit bhai can count up to ten. Every night papa counts with him and one day he just went on without papa's help!
Talking of firsts --- here are some more... we're eating dal roti regularly these days so mama's most potent fear that we'll be the first twenty year olds of the world who will survive on mashed food have finally been put to rest. We've also started eating egg which makes mama feels soooo good.
Rinku masi get very irritated because mama's happiness so depends on how much food we've eaten. I guess even she didn't know it mattered so much to her but apparently it does.