Bhalu is here to stay

Dear Bhalu,

Yes that’s right. I’m slowly resigning myself to the fact that you will always be Bhalu to people who love you. When I first called you Bhalu in a fit of affection I never thought I’d be saddling you with this veterinary epithet. Sorry, bhalu. Oops I mean H.

Don’t think I didn’t try to rectify my blooper. In fact I still haven’t given up totally. I go around correcting everyone from papa to Nanu and Nani ma and Suchi Tai and even N and you yourself, but it isn’t really working. First Nanu rebelled outright. “Jab hum Lucknow chale jayein tab tum theek kar lena. Hum toh bhai bhalu hi bolenge,” said he. Masi insists, "Cute toh lagta hai. What's your problem?" 

Papa does try half heartedly, but only when he says ‘bhalu’ and gets a nasty stare from me. You and N switch temporarily to ‘bhai’ each time I correct you without any intention of sticking to it.

Anyway now I will only be glad if everyone forgets Suchi Tai's moniker 'Bhalu don'. As for Bhalu well... come to think of it there's no more fitting name for you when you're at your exuberant best and break out into your bhalu dance. And then I can't decide whether to just watch you or to pick you up and give you a big hug. But hey, I've digressed. All I'll say is - H bhai remain the sweet cuddly smiley bear always.

Shakespear was right.. a bhalu is just as cuddly no matter what he's called - H bhai, H Pratap Singh or ... well... bhalu!

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