Ganapati Bappa Moriya - Naisha

This is my favourite time of the year. Beginning now right till the year end it's just fun all the way. We've just finished Ganapati and Navaratri will be here in less than two weeks' time.. then Dussehra, Diwali, Christmas and New Year... isn't that totally WOW!!
Ganapati was great this year too. The drums, the fireworks, the colour and the dance and song in our society were just great. The fancy dress this year was more fun for us because Vineesh, Yash, Laddu and the two of were all together in the act. We did the Ramayan vanavasa. Our roles were very well thought out. Yash was Ram and Laddoo was Lakshman because both of them had to have the same hairdo and accessories, Vineesh was Hanuman because he is the biggest Hanuman bhakt ever. More importantly, he is the only true drama king among us and only he could blow out his mouth like a monkey and hold it like that all through the performance. Hrit bhai was Bharat because of his fixation with everyone's chappals and shoes and I, being the only girl had to be Seeta... not that I'm complaining. I had these awesome long hair right upto my knees... going by mama's genes I guess this was my one chance at having long hair. I even had a 'doopatta' which mama draped over my head... I think I looked great. Hrit bhai looked absolutely regal in his violet velvet jacket and a lavender dhoti. His jewellery was something to die for, complete with fuchsia ear drops and a bunch of necklaces that would give a girl a complex. He had a super wig too which he refused to wear. But mama is one determined woman and she went on stage behind him with the wig in hand and planted it on bhai's head once he was properly mesmerised by the stage lights.
I was a tad uncomfortable too what with the hair and the satin dupatta but once we were all on stage I completely got into the act as did Hrit bhai. He did Jai when mama asked me too and I lifted my hand in an 'aashirvaad'. It was great fun. The only sad part was that Laddu cried his way through the show.

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