Saturday, January 09, 2010

To be a boy's mum

You need a strong heart and a large one too, to be a boy's mum:
  • Strong enough to let him get hurt in one of his boy games which are naturally more violent than any girly games could ever be.... and, unfortunately the only ones he enjoys.
  • Strong enough to watch him cycling precariously fast on his bike.. going up and down speed breakers like they didn't exist.
  • Strong enough to watch him wait for the car to come dangerously close before he dodges his bike smartly out of the way.
  • Strong enough to watch him balance at the edge of the sofa and execute a neat dive just as you reach out to help him.
  • And a heart large enough to let him play with the boy who hurt him yesterday because he's your son's 'best friend'.
  • Large enough to handle the guilt, his and yours, when he hurts another kid and to punish him, even while you love him, because he needs to learn a lesson.
  • Large enough to forgive the boys who hurt your kid because you know they didn't mean it either.
A heart that needs to be told over and over and over again that 



  1. I can really relate to this :) . Lucky u u have a girl to so u get taste of both .

  2. That was really wonderful and I can totally relate to this!



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