Where are they picking this up from?

Sometime back when Madhavi yelled at Hrit he promptly told her.. 'Aap kyon mere pe shout kar rahe ho, aap kya meri mama ho?' He DARE not speak like that to me. Strange how kids know their limits and the authority one has on them.

Although I've sworn off whacking the kids, Naisha got it from me yesterday. First she went into a tantrum because she wanted to take a sweet when she went down to play and eat it while the other kids watched. What cheap thrills my daughter enjoys. When I forbade it and was trying to explain why it's wrong she plugged her ears... That kind of blew my fuse and I gave her one on her hands. She bawled but got the message. And here's more from Vineesh.. Nisha says when she scolds him he starts singing rhymes. God save us when the kids grow up.