Hungry Naisha

Naisha's achievement of the day...
When Naisha got home from school today here's what she reported. Said she, "Mama today we had a brown daal for lunch. Gunraj (a classmate) didn't like it at all. So Jean (another classmate) said 'give it to Naisha Singh'. And I ate up his daal."
I was stumped.. here I am struggling everyday to get her to finish her food and there she is finishing other kids' food. School indeed does strange things to children.
Then there was more...
She added, "Then Hrehaan said he also didn't like the daal, so I ate that too." That had me appalled. I have been trying so hard to instill basic hygiene and don't even allow Hrit and Naisha to eat from the same plate and there she was eating with all and sundry. I couldn't help remarking, "Aap ne dono ka jhootha kha liya? Kyon?" "Mujhe strong hona hai na," said she brandishing her invisible muscles. What can anyone say to that?