Holi hai!

Holi is Hrit Naisha's all time favourite festival. Where else will you have permission to play with water, dirty water at that, to your heart's content? Hrit was as usual down and on two-hourly nebulisation so I was a little reluctant to let them play but there's no way he would miss holi. I'd been holding them off for pre-holi playing and that was bad enough. (I did allow them to play in the bathroom). Anyway on Holi day I made a special 'vest' for Hrit out of a plastic bag and made him wear it on his regular vest and over that came his kurta. yes he wore a kurta dhoti because obviously Naisha would wear her chaniya choli.. It was a fastabal (festival) after all. So they went down all set with their pichkaris. When I went down a little later.. there they were colour splattered, drenched to the skin making gulal bhel. Don't know what that means? Well there were many gulal heaps kept for everyone and Hrit Naisha were busy mixing them together. Thankfully it was Holi and no one was really bothered about what colour the gulal really was.

After about an hour of water play I dragged them home. And surprise surprise Hrit's vest was almost completely dry. Three cheers for a good idea.

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