Ludo disaster

I tried teaching the kids to play ludo yesterday. I presumed because they knew counting they'd enjoy the game. Wrong... It was such a total disaster. To begin with it was tough to get them to sit. Then they were more interested in everything else rather than moving along their pieces. They were totally enchanted by the dice but weren't bothered with how many numbers it was showing. They fought over which colour piece to pick but didn't bother with the game at all.
Then I tried snakes and ladders... maybe they'll like it because of the whole concept of being bitten by a snake and climbing up ladders... wrong again.
Finally I lost my cool. I know, I know I shouldn't have... but I did. Told them they were good only for bat-ball ( bad, bad, bad, I know). Then took them down to play where they met their friends and I met mine. Both had a ball. And everyone told me it was a little too early for them... said after they were four I should try again. Which made me feel better - nothing wrong with my teaching or Hrit Naisha's learning abilities... What would I do without friends... thanks Sahana for this one.