Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Mama or Tulika?

Here's a conversation I had with Naisha:
Says she," Mama when I grow up can I call you Tulika or will I have to still call you mama?"
"Well I am also growing up along with you. Even when you grow up I'll be older than you so you'll still have to call me mama," I said. "But aap toh two times milk nahin drink karti hain toh aap kaise badi hongi? I will grow older than you," comes her reply.
I'm now trying to get used to the idea of being on first names terms with my daughter... hmmmm.


  1. Ha! My 5 yr old dzughter asked me the same question the other day- aai can I call you Ambika when I am in my 10th std! When I say I will grow older along with her, she says will you also grow tall !!

    And, before I forget to mention- your blog is toooooo good. I have just started reading it since a couple of days, and I can so much relate it to my own journey of motherhood :)
    Your kids arevery cute.. Na na nazar nahi lagegi :) god bless them!


  2. Ambika , really kids are so the same in many many ways. Welcome here and keep sharing the antics of your daughter. It's great to connect with other mums.


Glad to have you here. It's your turn to share your thoughts...


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