Difference of opinion

Just 'made up' with Naisha.. after a big fight.

When it comes to dressing up and doing their hair I pretty much let the kids be.. they do their own thing. Hrit of course is above all this but Naisha always wants things a certain way.. specially her hair. Somedays she wants a pony, sometimes she wears clips (on her own), sometimes her faux hair. As part of my policy of giving them 'freedom' I let her do as she pleases unless she's making a complete clown of herself (like the time she came with multicoloured clips stuck in her hair all over her forehead).. even then I try to strike a compromise.

After a long time today I did up Naisha's hair very painstakingly with multicoloured beads. She was looking quite nice...but then that's just my opinion.. She apparently didn't agree and wanted to wear her 'faux hair'. So she started pulling at the beads. I told her she could wear the hair on the beads.. 'No' said she. Then I told her to wear it for a little while till I clicked a picture.. and again she said 'No'. And then she followed it up with a tantrum.

Gawd was I ANGRY. I pulled out the beads.. told her to do what she wanted.

She cooly brushed her hair.. put a clip and then turned around to me and said, "Am I looking pretty?"

I totally blew my top. I told her to decide for herself.. since she seemed to know how she looked best.

That didn't go down well with her at all. She followed me around crying saying, "happy? happy? Are you happy?"

This is something I totally do not understand. She defies me, does what she wants and then wants me to be happy. Anyway.. finally I did give in and became 'happy'.

The things one has to do.