Operation friendship

April 2010

Day 2 and operation friendship is well underway. However I’m not sure this is the direction I intended it to take. Things got a bit out of hand yesterday evening.

We were down as usual and the regular kids came along. It’s a bunch of three kids including the one who Hrit Naisha had had trouble with earlier.

Well the other kids were playing and I encouraged Hrit Naisha to join in. They did. That kid was again being himself again – jumping around Hrit Naisha and calling Hrit ‘naughty boy’. Hrit took it all in his stride. He did complain to me once and that’s it. However after a few minutes I found Hrit Naisha had ganged up with the other two kids and the four of them were literally heckling that other kid… they were running around him chanting ‘naughty boy, naughty boy’. Oops.. bad start. I mean making friends is nice but NOT at the expense of that poor boy. I tried to patch up – hand shake, huggie routine but I’m not sure it made much difference. That poor kid looked quite woebegone as his mom took him home. I do hope today is better and they all play together.

I’m sure he and Hrit will become the best of friends – the boy Hrit fights with most always ends up as his best buddy. Oh and his mom becomes my best friend too.. what with all the apologizing and empathizing. Archana what say?