The family that does homework together stays together

Friday again.. another load of homework. This time along with the writing and colouring they had to 'draw' their buddy -- a favourite toy.
I wonder what the teachers were thinking -- that within a week Hrit Naisha would graduate from struggling with sleeping and standing lines to actually drawing. To be fair, parents were instructed to 'help'.
Naisha’s was easy.. Shanti, her doll, was drawable but Hrit’s buddy was his stuffed tiger Sher Khan (both named after Jungle Book characters).
Sketching is not really my forte. I thought of changing his buddy – maybe a ball or a bat or his favourite gada. “They are not ‘friends’ mama”, Hrit complained.
I asked Sunil for help. “You’re an engineer,” I said, “you must have done some drawing.”
“Engineers don’t draw tigers,” he said sounding miffed. “Check on the net”, he advised before returning to the telly.
Hey why didn’t I think about that? Sure enough google came up with a site on step by step guide to drawing animals and there was the tiger. I managed to copy it… though it looked more like a cat. At least it’s the same family, I consoled myself. More importantly Hrit was thrilled. As both of us celebrated, Sunil came over to take see what the excitement was about. He was suitably impressed by the masterpiece.
All Hrit had to do was colour it orange, which he proceeded to do with great gusto. Sunil was enthused enough to actually sit at the table with us. While Hrit and I worked on the tiger he spruced up Naisha’s Shanti. It looked a tad woebegone but then it was done almost entirely by her so that was something.
Whew.. another Friday gone. Waiting with bated breath for the next one.

PS: Despite the bother must admit this was better than being a 'witch mom'. Please guys say the tiger is nice.