Hello homework

After four years of being a ‘nice mama’, ‘pretty mama’ and sometimes even ‘beautiful like Cinderella’ (when Naisha’s in an exceptionally good mood) I finally turned into a ‘witch’, quote unquote Hrit. Then he went on to add my name should be changed from Tulika Singh to Monster Singh. What, was it, you might ask, that turned nice mama into a witch – it’s that dreaded HOMEWORK.

Last weekend the twins came home with their very first load. I was actually quite excited. I had these fanciful notions of peacefully sitting down with Hrit on one side and Naisha on the other while I guided them through it all with a gentle hand (hah).

They sat down happily enough to make those standing and sleeping lines. Naisha said she wanted to stretch first, I was okay.. then she said she wanted to scratch herself, I was fine with that too. Then she deigned to make just one line and said she was tired and sleepy. I held onto my patience with both hands and told her to go rest while I turned to Hrit, who meanwhile was concentrating hard on a single standing line that started from the top of the page and reached the bottom. I erased it and told him to start again. He didn’t take too kindly to that. However with constant coaxing and he went on to make some lines.

I thought I’d cajole Naisha back from the bedroom but I was followed by Hrit and the two then refused to get back. That’s when my patience snapped and I turned into a ‘witch’. Sigh!!

Writing IS tough. Either they’re not holding the pencil properly or they’re reclining on the table or they keep their book at a weird angle. However I can only sympathise. Oh and there’s one more thing I need to do – apologise to Hrit.. sorry baby no more screaming from next time. I know how tough it is for both of you.

This weekend saw a wiser, better prepared me.. no screaming.. oh well.. very little screaming. Thankfully there were no sleeping standing lines to be done. And they did manage to have fun.