Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Perish the virus

Recovering from two viral attacks is tough.. not one after the other but simultaneously. I have always maintained that Hrit and Naisha never trouble me together, if one is giving me a hard time the other is a model of goodness. This time they decided to make an exception, perhaps just to prove the rule. Trying to handle two four-year-olds is a challenge but trying to handle two sick four-year-olds is total insanity.
The thing about viral is that medicines don’t count. With the dependable Crocin rendered useless I resorted to sponging.
Hrit went first with his fever touching a high at 2 in the morning. When the sponging starts Hrit just gets more verbose.
With Naisha it’s me who needs to do the talking to keep her distracted. She gets quite pathetic with cries of ‘Mama do something’ and her age old ‘bahar chalo’. However, once the fever went down, the water being that Naisha is, she started to enjoy it all and proceeded to sponge herself with gusto.

The challenges that come with the virus...
  • To remember who has to be given which medicine and who is due for the next six-hourly dose.
  • To get both kids, who are now not babies by any means, on my lap without one murdering the other.
  • To cater to food fusses with one turning into a parantha freak and the other getting hung up on khichdi.
  • To sort TV fights which, though always there, took on a vicious ferocity. (I WON’T watch Ben 10, I NEVER get to watch Ben 10).
  • To let one of them wear a yellow tee with yellow shorts while the other one chooses a party dress to wear at home.
  • To get the housework done with the two kids wanting me ‘alone’ with each of them all the time.
Fun huh?

 PS: Now I know what made Babar pray to God to give him Humayun's illness.

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