Sick bed chronicles

The virus has now has one half of the family in its clutches, one quarter just managed to vanquish it and the last quarter .. is struggling to keep it at bay.

I thought with Hrit Naisha down it couldn't get worse.. but apparently it could and it did with Sunil going down too and badly. What's even worse is that Hrit is well and in complete form. He can't stand being at number three on my list of priorities.

For the past two days he has been running around the house pushing the computer revolving chair (which he insists on calling the 'wheel chair'), dragging foot mats, toys, dustbins and whatever else it can gather along.. in and out of the balcony and all the rooms. He took great umbrage when I barred him from the 'sick bay'. Sunil was in such a bad temper I thought he'd get the smacking of his life.

Talking of bad tempers.. Sunil was as grouchy as a bear with a sore head... (except he had a sore head all his own) I felt awful dragging him to the doctors for Naisha's checkup but it was pouring and I needed chauffering. I reached a minute late carrying a protesting Hrit staright from the school bus stop. Apparently he didn't want to go to the doctor's in his school dress.. " You don't go anywhere in your school dress. Everyone will see me like this," he howled, as if that was the end of the world.

By the time we reached the doctor Sunil was already calling me and complaining. "Our appointment was for 1pm, it's already 1.10, why isn't the doc seeing us," he cribbed. In his defence I must add that he was running a high fever himself so it must have been quite an effort getting out. Also he has very little experience with doctors. And so my dear ignorant husband had no idea how long the wait can be.

While I was trying to decide who to pacify between a hugely irritated husband and a howling son, Naisha lay down in the waiting room out of sheer weakness and that set my priorities right. I left the father-son duo to their own devices and headed over to her. Meanwhile Sunil got a phone call and was lost to the world and Hrit seeing that no one was appreciating his tantrum was so wild he proceeded to systematically throw all the shoes and sandals outside the doctor's waiting room.

Finally I got Naisha's prescription and sent her off with Sunil while I got her med cert with a howling Hrit refusing to budge from my side. The looks I got from the other patients could have killed a normal human being.. but that I'm not.. I'm a mother to twins.

After we got home and the three sick and/or sulking people were given three kinds of lunches which they didn’t finish (no I’m not complaining even though I slogged over all those special farmaishes.. they are sick.. it’s okay).

I asked the local medical shop to send across medicine and in the melee forgot to ask him to get a bill. The surly husband gave the completely clueless delivery boy a huge lecture on getting medicines without bills. (Haven’t you seen on TV.. govt ads say selling without a bill is stealing… and on and on). I’m sure he’ll disconnect the line next time I ask him for a home delivery.

Then it was the turn of a telemarketing lady to get it from Sunil. All she offered was a loan at low interest rates. Sunil pretty much bit her head off.. What exactly is ‘low’? Do you know simple mathematics? That is not ‘low’ at all. Then she suggested if he could refer friends who needed loans and got a very curt, “Why would my friends come to me with their loan problems? Am I a bank?”

After that there was relative peace with Naisha and Sunil falling asleep and Hrit playing with his ‘wheel chair’ which he ‘drove around’ mercifully quietly.

Another day went by.

Naisha seems better today, should be in school on Monday after one long week at home. Sunil too seems better. Touch wood. I so want the family on it’s feet and out of my way.

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