Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Before I was a mum...

I never

Learnt to connect with the entire baby tribe dismissing them as a noisy, demanding bunch of inconveniences.

Stared back indignantly at co passengers in the flight who seemed to think of kids as a noisy, demanding bunch of inconveniences.

Opened the door with a gada in one hand and a dupatta in the other when the bell rang.

Answered the door with my hair in multiple ponytails because my daughter was practicing ribbon tying.

Slept with a gada, a tiger and a doll on the bed.

Danced around the fire at Lohri

Lay down on my stomach in the society parking lot to pull out a ball from under the car.

Habitually interrupted phone conversations to yell at the kids like a typical ‘smug married’.

Asked the pani puri wala for ‘just puris’ or the icecream man for ‘just cones’.

Walked with 19 kgs in one hand and 13 kgs in the other, on cranky days.

Rejoiced at a one hour window shopping opportunity ALONE…

… Then became deliriously happy when I reached home and was greeted with two very warm hugs.

Cried copiously while watching films like TZP. 


  1. Too good...I cannot agree more. I do have my stories to share, will do it soon. 'Before I was a mum... I never...' I think the list is endless and for me the story has just begun :)
    Am sure this is one list you can work on everyday!!!

  2. One which the Pizza guy found hilarious was . Microwave the coke in a birthday party .

  3. Ha ha ha.. SO true and so funny, Tulika :) Now, I am hoping more bloggers will share their crazy moments too!

  4. was nodding away all the way..yes, I had never slept with cars around me, to poke me when I turned sides. I always ask for only puris now :-)


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