MW critical.. is it murder?

Our over ten year old faithful Microwave was murdered yesterday by an egg. Well actually the blame must be shared. The egg .... the early morning rush.. my ignorance .. the family members who sometimes make just too many demands. However nothing counts now. MW is no more.

It all happened during the morning rush while I was trying to prepare breakfast for the three loves of my life. All wanted eggs but one could eat only boiled, the other wanted French Toast and the third said he’d be happy with an omelet. No problem said I.. it was a Saturday, you see, and I wanted them all pampered and happy. And so while I got going with the onion chopping I thought I’d get MW to boil the egg … and bang.. disaster struck.

Within five minutes the egg was blown to pieces taking poor harmless MW with it. As I dashed to the site of the accident I found egg pieces strewn all over. MW looked deceptively alive.. almost as if it would come on at the flick of a switch and start warming my leftovers with a relish. But appearances, as they say, are deceptive and MW it seems is really dead and gone.

Not one to give up on a loved one we called Just Dial for MW doctors and got quite a list. The first one on the list was summoned home. The operation began under our watchful eyes. MW sat there in all its vulnerability with its innards exposed while the 'doctor' worked diligently.

"How on earth did so much water get inside?" was his puzzled query as he dried up MW.

'So that's where all the water went,' I thought silently, while my gentleman husband kept quiet about my hand in the murder. Well come to think of it.. it was a mistake -- a sad one one but certainly not murder in cold blood.

In any case the doctor hemmed and hawed and tchhed for a long time before pronouncing MW dead. We gave up hope and with tear laden eyes readied to bid adieu when "Wait" said the 'doctor' dramatically, "Maybe, just maybe we can do something." A glimmer of hope. "I'll have to take him to the hospital and see whether I can revive him," he said.

And so we wait with baited breath for some good news. Meanwhile it's cold leftovers and plenty of pan-washing for us.

Come back MW.. we miss you.