Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Fun to be four

Four is a great age to be. Here's why..

They aren't really babies any longer so
  • no more bottle boiling
  • no more carrying food/milk to malls
  • no more arduous hours of burping (thank Gawd!)
  • no more having to handle howling kids at night (Generally)
  • no more carrying them around
  • they understand/ share a lot of things
  • they are great fun to talk to
  • they can run small errands (get my phone, switch off the TV, find my keys) of course only when they want to

…. and they aren’t too grown up either so
  • they do not have loads of homework
  • they still love to cuddle and hug and kiss (I so hope they NEVER outgrow that)
  • they still think you are the best (unlike the teens when they’ll get all judgmental)
  • they still think your cooking is out of the world (even I don’t think that)
  • they still don’t seem cheeky or oversmart just cute (another year and cute turns cheeky)


  1. All of this is absolutely true. And we parents get into a partial amnesia and think kids r fun. So, we end up having another n the process starts once again!

  2. u are so right , could never dream of leaving vineesh at home for some time and step down ( still at the back of the mind the fear prevails ) inform my neighbour's. But yes I don't have to leave them in their house . He is comfortable at home .
    But yes there definitely is one thing even at the age of 4 . he isn't out . How come he still wants to go the bathroom when i sit to eat something . Kinda weird .

  3. Even better when one is 4 and the other one is 8 - half the task is taken care by the older one - as in my case - so I am all at ease . So my mother hen takes care of my younger duckling.

  4. Sameeksha at 4 is just such a comfortable kid to be around. I juts love to see her grow up. Her personality is also showing sometimes and I love the way she gets her way most of the times. She literally has her dad wrapped around her little finger and me too most of the times. She manages to bully Sathvik and its fun to see the bonding grow between the two of them especially when one gets a shouting, then they immediately become a team and try and console the other. Then comes the cold war between us until I give in!!

    Its fun to see them grow up and the little gestures they make touch you so deeply that you instantly want to lock them into memory never to be forgotten.


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