Girl power

I had always been under the impression that my girl was a girly girl but O boy Naisha gave me some surprise. She got into a fist fight with a boy… an older boy… and gave as good as she got.. if reliable sources are to be believed.  I confirmed and reconfirmed. “Naisha got into a fight? Naisha??”
“Yes mama,’ said Hrit, the reliable source, adding quickly, ‘but I didn’t do anything. ‘ So much for big brother support.
I queried further, “What were you doing when they were fighting,” I was saying ‘Don’t fight, don’t fight.” But they didn’t listen,” said he. Hrit seemed immensely pleased with himself. This sure was a first. Hrit telling about Naisha's fight -- normally it's the other way round.
Of course I told Naisha that was a naughty thing to do. She was duly repentant and soon enough was back to being a ‘good girl’.  Come evening the kids met and the apologies were made. She gave him a sorry ‘sweet’, he shared his chalk with her. Before long the two were playing together again. Fight over.
Kiddie fights are so uncomplicated.. no hard feelings, no cold wars, no sulking..

I couldn’t really decide whether I was truly disturbed by the incident. Strange.. I mean had it been my son I would have been really really upset. Not so with the daughter. I was part relieved she could give it back.
The big question again.. how do you want your kids to handle a fight.. come home crying or send someone home crying.  Tough one.  For now I’m sticking with what a counselor told me once – ALL FIGHTING IS BAD. So NO giving it back.. tell an adult. If no adult is around.. find one and tell.

As they grow older the logic’s becoming tough to explain.. .
How can all fighting be bad?
Ram was God.. he fought, didn’t he?
So did Krishna and Hanuman (Hrit’s current idol).
Bad logon ko toh maar sakte hain na, mama?

Whew.. help someone!

BTW my Facebook friends were quite amused by Naisha’s militant behavior and gave her a unanimous thumbs up…
Tulika Singh Naisha got into a fist fight with a boy a year older... Hrit gave a blow by blow account.. role reversal.
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Hemisha Marolia D'Silva cute site it must have been! Girl power!
Nisha Kapur I can't believe it . heheheheh . nice good going .
Kumar Shakti Shekhar Thakur trait! :)
Nidhi Mehrotra lol...
Neeraj Singh well she made it clear that don't mess with thakurain.....go girl
Huma Khwaja proud of u Naisha..keep it up
Tulika Singh Hey bhagwan is there no one who supports a non-violent India? @Shakti, Neeraj.. Thakurs do NOT generally bash up people -- luk at Sunil, me.
Neeraj Singh i just said it in a funny way.....
Nupur Shankar I happened to witness a scuffle between a boy and a girl in Rithvik's school the other day. Another girl, who was obviously supporting the girl, suggested to her friend to "kiss and hug the boy!" which would have definitely resulted in the boy just running for his life ;-)