If you have a daughter...

... you must learn to

1. Make friends with the colour pink.

2. Drink endless cups of make believe tea and attend many many imaginary parties.

3. Thank her effusively when she does your hair or polishes your nails (even if you look like a clown) and learn to set it right surreptitiously.

4. Buy shiny over the top accessories which you would have earlier dismissed as ‘cheap’ or ‘loud’.

5. Mind your manners for the little lady will remember everything you ever taught her and will sharply point out your slip ups.

6. Make friends with Barbies.

7. Never ever discard things like bits of ribbon, pieces of shiny wrapping paper, old rakhis, mismatched bangles, broken buttons, smooth stones…. No this is not rubbish.. this is ‘treasure’.

8. Stop reasoning with your husband over issues that concern her.. she has him completely wrapped around her little finger (need to fall back upon the cliché because it says it all).

9. Bear with her mega tantrums (oh yes she’s not all angel) and then comfort her when her overactive conscience sends her on a ‘I know I’ve been a very bad girl mama’ trip.

10. Dance. She loves it and expects mama to show her the moves.

11. Explain the intricacies of makeup. She needs to know why aunty has blue colour on her eyes.

12. Wait for your turn at your own dressing table.

13. Handle the waterworks.. she already knows the power of tears.. specially when the daddy is around (refer 8)

14. Enjoy being pampered… she’s a born mama and will mother her mother too.

15. Define what you feel as you watch her growing up – pride, awe, gratitude, happiness or just overwhelming love.