Glitter n glue

Each time one enters the kids’ room it’s like launching off on an adventure. One never knows what one might find there. Yesterday I entered and found my chappals stuck to the ground.. Naisha!.. I sighed.
She’s been on the cut/paste spree for quite sometime. She cuts up just about anything she can find. Umpteen times a day she comes to me with a “Mama may I cut this?” Yes I’m grateful she remembers to ask. And I always, always give it my full attention because it can be just about anything from a fresh newspaper straight off the doorstep to the electricity bill or the doctor’s prescription.
So much for the cutting.. the sticking is worse.. She uses fevicol and roams around the house with sticky fingers… I got her a glue stick.. and things were fine till Hrit entered the picture. Like a typical disruptive brother he promptly twisted the entire thing out and trampled it to a messy sticky death. Naisha of course threw a fit and went back to the fevicol… and I stepped right into it. I was ever so glad my parents had hammered the ‘always wear your chappals habit’.
Think positive I told myself before I could get worked up… at least the mess is confined to their room. Then Naisha took to glitter. Anyone who has ever had any experience with glitter knows how stubborn it is.. It JUST DOESN’T GO. I innocently gave Naisha a go ahead for the glitter-glue combination. It’s been three days since they made their glitter paintings.

Hrit's glitter kite..

.. and Naisha's shiny flower
Since then it has traveled well out of their room and is all over the house and all over us too. Despite the baths and the cleaning it still shows up at unexpected places  as a sudden sparkle… on the tissue box, in Hrit’s hair, on my cheek, on my chappals, on the screen of my laptop, on my maid’s hands and of course all over Naisha.
A shining reminder of think before you allow.