Why do I call myself ‘obsessive mom’

This is in response to a query in the comments section -- Why do I call myself ‘Obsessive mom’. What a can of worms has been opened!
The name is based on honest self-evaluation -- I AM one. In my defense I would like to explain how/why I became one.

Tough beginnings
To begin with I had a tough pregnancy. Oh I won’t bother you with all the gory details. Let’s just say that becoming a mom when you’re well in your thirties in age and well in your seventies in weight, is never easy. Add to that the fact that you are carrying twins and the odds are stacked against you... heavily.
That’s when the obsession started. I ate, napped, walked and took my medicines (including giving myself an injection every day) with the single thought of keeping my babies safe and healthy.

When they came
Once they were born at 1.9 kgs and 1.4 kgs, the obsession just grew.
The endless queries

This is embarrassing.. but I'm in the confessional

And later.. now.. a thousand worries still…
Coughs, sneezes, running nose, wheezes… off to the ped
Hrit walked late.. should I consult a physio, I asked my ped? She laughed at me.
Fights in the playground… I marched to the counselor
At four plus Hrit still has some speech unclarity… I’ve been considering a speech therapist

However it’s not all worry and trouble

Okay okay.. I guess you get the idea…

As a result…

Don't think I didn’t evaluate myself. I did. http://obsessivemom.blogspot.com/2009/12/am-i-really-obsessive.html.

After word
Most of this is normal new-mom behaviour.. I was perhaps marginally worse because I had two of them together and little support.
I am happy to add that as the kids grow I’m slowly getting over the obsessive disorder.
I go to the gym.. my weight is down by 6 kgs.
I have started writing, (posts gone up from 5 in 2006 to 84 already in 2010).
I actually got a story published and made some money after five whole years (Yay! Though the cheque is still awaited).
I won the ‘Sporting memories’ contest on Blogadda which had absolutely nothing to do with kids… double yay.
In another few years I might look at rechristening the blog. What say?