Just Naisha

Naisha the adult
The maid is leaving for the day… Bye didi.. apna dhyan rakhiyega.

Papa’s leaving for work… Papa bye.. Be nice. Then to me… 'Be nice' means don’t do anything naughty.

Sonam Kapoor on the telly. Pretty girl.. isn’t it mama?

Naisha the responsible girl

The power goes off. She comes running in.. flip flip flip.. she runs around the house switching off lights and fans. “Mama,” says she, “Quick switch off the lights and fans.. power’s gone”.

It starts raining.. she runs from room to room checking if all the windows are shut.
When did she get so grown up?

Naisha the mama

The kids come out from their room with bags slung on their shoulders and move purposefully to the balcony..
Me: What are you doing?
N: I am going to the gym and bhai is going to office.
Me: Why aren’t you going to office?
N: I have small babies at home.. I can’t go to office till they are older.

Back from a trip I’m tired. I put on the television for the kids (who are of course NEVER tired) and lie down to rest. Naisha saunters in, “Mama mama, oooh mama is sleeping”, she whispers.. She walks out on tiptoe shutting the door behind her. “Bhai I think mama is tired… don’t make a noise."

Naisha the baby

N: Mama I don’t think I’ll have children
Me: Why?
N: Because when you have children you have so much work. I’m so small I’ll get tired.
Me: You don’t need to have children right away. You can wait till you are older..
N: Okay then.. but mama you must promise that when I have a daughter you’ll get an empty frock for her.
Me: Empty frock?
N: Yes so that I can draw something pretty on it with my glitter pen.

Naisha the drama queen

Brother-sister have a fight. He bites her on her shoulder. She bawls. I rush to the spot, scolding him applying cream to her. After eons she gets up… "Oh mama it hurts.. I can’t even walk straightly. I can’t even sit.. I can only stand".. pause for effect… "on one leg".