Angels, Demons and Santa

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It's Santa season. All of December I take a back seat and every threat and bribe is channeled through him. "Drink up your milk or Santa wont get you a gift", "Keep your specs on or Santa wont get a gift for you", "Too much TV and Santa wont..", on and on.

My ever thoughtful daughter wondered what I was getting for Christmas..
Naisha: Mama what is santa getting for you?
Me: I don't know what do you think he should get?
Naisha: (After much thought) I think I'll ask him to get you ten nailpaints. (Point to be noted: 10 is the hugest number in her imagination and nail paints the ideal gift)
Me: But I hardly wear nail paint, what'll I do with ten?
Naisha: ummmm... then I think I'll ask him to get you a pink laptop.

Indeed the ideal gift!

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One specially bad day when I was low on patience and Hrit was completely out of control I introduced him to the angel and demon. I told him they both lived in his head. Each time he did something naughty the devil would become stronger and each time he did something nice the angel would become stronger. Finally one of the two would take over completely depending on how he behaved.
To my surprise he took it all a bit too seriously. Now when he does something naughty all I have to do is feel his head pretending to look for horns, or his bottom to 'check' for a tail. And he completely freaks out. Heh heh heh... Gotcha Hrit boy.
Ah the pleasures of motherhood.

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