To be ten again

Bo Derek once said quite famously… ‘Whoever said money can't buy happiness simply didn't know where to go shopping’. I couldn’t agree more. Shopping really is therapeutic. What’s better I needn’t be shopping for myself.. it could be for anyone.

Yesterday I had a great excuse, no not excuse… reason to shop, it being my niece’s birthday. Time was short, the maid had bunked yet again and I just had an hour before I had to pick the kids. I rushed to Landmark thinking I’d quickly pick some books. Once there I realized nothing was going to happen ‘quickly’.

After ages I found myself browsing the preteen section and it was like opening a long forgotten treasure box… like being at a party filled with some long lost pals and some extremely fascinating strangers. Among the old friends Enid Blyton still seemed to rule. Famous Five and Secret Seven were everywhere. Then there was Caroleen Keen where Nancy Drew had turned younger. In our time she was a teenager now however, she’d gone much younger, an eight-year-old ND….. seemed kind of strange.

There was Meg Cabot of Princess Diary fame along with a host of books on teen Diva Hannah Montanna. And there were many more interesting titles like No Boys Allowed! by Marilyn Levinson, Agent Amelia - The Case of the Ghost Diamond by Michael Broad , Airmail to the Moon by Tom Birdseye. I just wanted to be ten again. As for the gift … I was a bit lost first then decided to stick to the tried and tested. Enid Blyton it was.

Hope the birthday girl enjoys the read. Along the way I grabbed a Barbie too. My niece has over a score of those dolls and to her credit she lavishes them with plenty of love and affection. Her birthday gift could never be complete without the mandatory Barbie.