We’re in it together

This specs thing is proving not quite easy. Hrit is handling them well enough it’s me who has the problem.  You see I have been wearing specs since my graduation days. However after the kids were born I kind of gave them up. It was tough to keep them on with the twins around and I wasn’t much on the comp anyway. Besides, I could see well enough with one eye and life was fine. I got used to it. Now however Hrit has struck a pact with me, (without bothering for a nod from me of course) “I’ll wear mine when you wear yours”. So now I’ve got to keep them on.
Last night he carefully placed his in the case and then said, “Mama where’s the box for your glasses?” Now God only knows where it was. He saw me looking for it and then gallantly offered me his case, squeezing both our glasses together. Finally I fished out the case for my glares and he was satisfied, carefully placing the two cases side by side. “Same same, no mama?” he said with his delightful heart warming Hrit bhai smile.
BTW I hate it when Hrit calls it his 'chasma'. When will he master the 'sh'?
That was before the 'accident'

Edited to add: Hrit’s has broken his first pair of glasses. Apparently he was trying to see how far he could bend them before they snapped. He added, “The lens came out like a rocket, mama.” His specs were just one straight line when he brought them to me. Sigh! Another chore to do.