Saturday, January 22, 2011

The Queen

The Husband calls her The Princess but that she’s not.. She’s the Queen herself and he.. well decide for yourself. The other day, back from their annual function she plonked herself on the sofa and demanded I put nail paint for her (This obsession with nail paint is getting to me). At 9.30 in the night that was the last of my priorities. I was more concerned with rustling up a quick dinner since it was way past their bed-time. I left her sulking heavily. When I came out to lay the table this is what I saw….

Nail art from the expert
As she watches television the dedicated Daddy goes to work on her feet. The Daughter shall train The Husband after all. Way to go Naisha.


  1. he he heeh Daddy dear at the call of his angel :) awwww I like the picture ..

    Good daddy :)


  2. Love it totally Naisha , good going . Sunil does not what more is coming his way . My best wishes .

  3. Awwww! That is the sweetest!!

  4. Love her total unconcern for the job.

  5. @Bikram: Completely at her beck n call.
    @Nisha: I'm preparing him
    @Smitha, Rinks: :-)))


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