Saturday, January 15, 2011

This and that

For a long time Hrit has been stuck on the idea of becoming a ‘bus driver’ even while I have been trying to broaden his horizons. Finally he was ready to reconsider. “Mama,” said he, “I think I will be a tattoo man. You must get me that big book with lots of tattoo designs. Then I will get to go to many birthdays I will make tattoos.”

This too shall pass, thought I and it did.

Yesterday he announced, “I want to be a soldier.” Finally something sensible. He went around asking, “What do I have to do to become a soldier?” “Eat well and exercise well,” advised The Husband from behind the newspaper. So now he’s practicing pushups as he has seen in Chota Bheem. Counting begins at 21.


A spider was spotted the other day. I was made to put everything on hold and called to admire the insect. It was a miniscule specimen hardly worthy of admiration (after the huge mud-coloured ones we've lived with and learnt to get used to in our house in old Lucknow). Five minutes after I went back to the kitchen the son followed with an update. "Mama Naisha picked up the spider and flushed it away." I was almost about to applaud... (Forgive me Gandhi ji but I really am relieved my daughter isn't always the damsel in distress) the son added, "Now it's family will cry no". That made me bite back my applause and condole the sad demise.
They never cease to surprise me, these two.

In other news....

The daughter wants to shave off her hair because 'after that it will grow very fast'.
and the son has learnt to laugh with his hand on his mouth in the most ladylike fashion.

The Husband and the daughter having a discussion..
TH: Don't you think it's time for Shanti to go to school? (For the less informed Shanti is my two year old grand daughter). Where should we put her LFS or Vibgyor?
TD: Papa she's a baby she'll go to TreeHouse first.


  1. The video is just too cute!! Hoping he manages to build his body soon :-)

  2. been here after a while.. always nice to read naisha and hrit's adventures..

    P.S: always felt that this blog would be better retained for the kids.. you can put posts relevant to you in another place.. two's company, but three's a crowd.. dont u think? ;)

  3. @Snigs.. Just hope he keeps wanting to be a soldier. Yesterday he wanted to be a 'stomach doctor'.

    Hmm Sugeeth.. that certainly is a thought. I am also not too happy with the mixup that's happening. The only problem is that the idea of keeping two blogs alive and kicking is a bit daunting.. and so much of the stuff is overlapping.. anyway..thanks for bringing this up I do need to reorganise :-)

  4. yesss wowo pushups .. GO little one GOOOOOOO

    he hehe treehouse :) i would not mind going there myself and relaxxxxxxxxxxxx


  5. Now I'm Shanti your grand daughter? So you are a mom AND a grandmom?

  6. Lolz... Divs -- well I AM a grandmom to Shanti -- she is actually my daughter's doll


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