Tuesday, January 25, 2011

This one's for India


Dear Hrit and Naisha,
We were early at the bus stop today and I was struggling to while away time with the two of you as you ran around bubbling with your early morning energy. Then along came Tanu with his Dadu. He takes his bus from the same stop as you and over time has turned into a friend. He joined in the ruckus till his Dadu suggested, “Let’s sing songs while we wait for the bus”. Tanu went first and he sang ‘I salute the flag’ then launched into ‘Chhodo kal ki baatein’. “I am preparing for tomorrow’s Republic Day function,” he explained. As his Dadu took all your little hands in his large ones and explained to each of you the right way to salute I looked on filled with guilt and regret.

Yes, tomorrow is Republic Day. However, you think it's just another holiday. I am so sorry darlings I forgot to tell you that tomorrow is no ordinary holiday. I could of course blame it on the relief of not having to wake up early to a super chaotic morning or the excitement of having Daddy home all day (he’s been working the last two weekends and we’ve barely glimpsed him all this while). But I won’t. I will make a promise, however, of telling you about the wonderful country you were fortunate to be born in…

--- a country where you can light fireworks at Diwali, tuck into seviyans on Eid and and get gifts for Christmas – a triple whammy
--- a country where you, Zaheen, Jennifer and Gunraj can share tiffins at school without a thought
--- a country where mama can wear what she wants, go where she wants.
--- a country where you can say exactly what you want because everyone, yes everyone, is allowed to have their say
--- a country that that gives both of you equal freedom and equal rights

And when you grow up ours is a country that gives you the power to make it what you want. That’s a huge power and a huge responsibility. Use it well when you have it.

Tomorrow is special. It is our country’s real birthday and we shall celebrate it in style.

Meanwhile listen to this, our National Anthem. I get goose bumps and misty eyes when I hear it. I hope in time you too will learn to look beyond it’s melody and will stand up in pride and love to salute your country just like Tanu’s Dadu taught you.




  1. Lovely, lovely post!

    You know, I find it very difficult to explain this to daughter. Mainly because we live in another country - and she gets all confused as to how we are Indians but live in UK :( But yes, this post, I am going to book mark for her!


    Chodho kal ki batein .. kal ki baat puran
    naye daur main likhenge MILKE nahi kahani HUM HINDUSTANI

    wish each one of us do it , where out lovely country would be ..

    made me nostalgic and the ANTHEM AWESOME :)


  3. @Smitha: Thanks.
    @Bikram: It's my absolute favourite too.

  4. Love the letter, love the video. It sure does give us goosebumps. I hope in time the children grow to appreciate their country.

  5. That is a very sweet letter to your twins. I like..'Mama can wear anything;!

  6. Abha Thanks.. yes well that's very important to me and I thought the kids could empathise.. he he.

  7. A very sweet letter...creating spark of patriotism...

    I do agree with the goosebumps and it does makes my eyes warm after listening to our national anthem

  8. Hey,

    Well, you succeeded in making me teary eyed while reading your blog. Thank you for making all of us realise the importance of being Indians. Along the way we have become so immersed in being a mom, wife, friend,daughter and all the sundry responsibilities that we actually forget the sanctity of this ocassion. I would like to share something with all of you-Sathvik won the first prize for singing the NationaL Anthem at school and yes I am proud that he can sing it and actually take pride in it.

    So hats off to all of us and Jai Hind!!


  9. @Beyond Horizon: Thanks
    @Sahana: Congratulations for Sathvik and thanks.


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