Thursday, February 10, 2011

Sands of Time

Thursday Challenge: "TEXTURE" (Coarse, Smooth, Jagged, Sharp, Glossy, Shinny, Furry,...)

At the Juhu Beach, Mumbai

The texture of sand...

.. when the wind blows it onto your face, in your eyes, in your mouth ... unbearable.

... in a child's hand... pure pleasure.


  1. Such a nice take on the prompt! Loved it :)

  2. True. Kids just love to play in sand. Nice pic. Happy to follow your blog. Do drop in to my blog to find some more interesting things to know about parenting.

  3. Such a lovely click:)I used to do this a long time ago...all that mattered then...grains of sand in my hand:)

  4. @Swaram, Jidhu, Gattina, Melody: Thanks
    @Swati: Welcome.. will sure do.
    @Raksha: Great feeling isn't it? I join in with the kids even now.


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