Why do vacations end?

And we’re back. I am still coming to terms with the fact that we actually went on a vacation. Not those go-in-a-day-back-in-a-day kinds… a proper seven day break.  Not the Lonavala, Mahabalehwar, Khandala, Matheran kinds either.. the destination was Gir, Gujarat. Finally after years and years of sitting on the Mahindra Holidays package we did it. The kids of course couldn’t believe it… that papa was going with them and that it was just the four of us together. Their happiness was priceless.

And now we’re back to no maid, dirty house, tons of dirty clothes, loads of ironing …. Time to get back to life… *sigh*.
Today, just today, I’ll let myself wallow in self pity .. last day, today. Promise to look at the bright side tomorrow. *deep sigh*