Yellow is the colour of the day

.. and we’re celebrating because today the kids became yellow belts in Taekwondo. Never had I thought this was going to happen. I had been keen on some kind of guided physical activity for the kids since they’d be five soon. The Taekwondo class was conveniently across the road but the kids refused to go. “Let’s just go and look”, I insisted. We went. We watched. We came back. The kids refused to go.
Now I may not be a Chinese mom , but an Indian mom I sure am. So after a week we went again. We watched. We came back. Nope said the kids.
One more try and I'll give up, I told myself. I let another week go by and we were back. Lo and behold.. the kids agreed. After the first class Naisha’s reaction quite thrilled me, “Mama it wasn't a class at all. We just played.” Since then they’ve gone happily every day. Check out those moves.

Now, a few months later, they have their yellow belts. Naisha came out after her exam showing off her belt and saying, "Sir said we'll get our cerfiticate tomorrow." Cheers. No matter it’s just their first one.. I am celebrating.

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