Thursday, March 03, 2011

Car to take a look?

Thursday Challenge: "CARS" (New, Old, Sedans, Convertibles, Station Wagons, Sports,...)

Disclaimer: The characters featured in this post have been picked solely for their outward appearance due to a total lack of awareness about other aspects of their personality. Information from enlightened souls will be welcomed.
The pictures were clicked by my esteemed sibling (yet again I delve into her collection) at a small roadside car show during a trip to Paris.

Isn't she sleek?
This one seems to be a winner of some kind of a Louis Vuitton Award

... and this one seems to have lost it's back


  1. Cool collection!! Yeah, the third one... somebody has sliced through it!! :D

  2. OOOH....The first one is real hot !!! :) :) The last one is economy model to fit two.... ;)

  3. The first one is gorgeous!! And the third one does look like it lost it's back!

  4. I would like the first one to be mine ;-)

    Nice Picture

  5. Wow the first one naiceeee I wish i have enough to buy one of those and afford it too :)

    and the last one is cute is that a SMART car...


  6. The first one really looks great but the red one is quite interesting..

  7. Okay so here's the consensus.. everyone wants the first one and the the last one gets the 'cute' vote. I'll keep the second one then if no one wants it. :-D


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