Chhapad phad ke...

Pic: Courtesy Google pics
...confusion in life. Some time back I'd written I was off down South as The Husband had found a new job. I won't say I wasn't dreading it but since we got married I've got used to dropping my job, packing up and walking off (not always uncomplainingly, but walking off nonetheless) with him like a loyal wife. Most of the shuttling has, however been between Pune and Bombay. This is how it went.. Bombay-Pune-Bhopal-Pune-Bombay-Pune. The South thing was therefore scary but I was sure I'd settle in over time.

The Husband has duly resigned and just as I was warming up to the idea (I do have lots of friends in Chennai) and convincing the kids it would be a great move (sea, sea, sea) on came more job possibilities.. chhappad phad ke...and now there are three cities other than Pune in the running.

And in the middle of all the possibilities lies my annual trip to Lucknow.. the high point of my summer.

So guys we might be moving but we don't know where. Maybe The Husband will consider auctioning himself off.